Norfolk and National Business Directories for Backlinks to help improve your Google Ranking

The most effective way of getting a higher ranking for your business website on google is by getting backlinks. Backlinks are other websites on the internet that link to your site. Having multiple strong backlinks to your website shows that other people vouch for your site, therefore earning trust with google. A great and easy way to get backlinks to your website are business directories.

Business directory backlinks are very effective, and easy to obtain. Most of the time they are free, and all they require you to do is fill out a form and your business (and most importantly a link to your website) is added to their site. On top of this, potential new clients use business directories as way to find local services, you may even get a new client from just being on their site!

There is a chance that you may be listed on a these directories already but your website isn’t listed. It is always a good idea to check that your information is correct.

Here are some great local business directories, both free and paid, in Norfolk for you to add your business:


Free Norfolk Business Directories Backlinks:



Paid Norfolk Business Directories Backlinks:


National Business Directories Backlinks:


I hope these sites earn you a backlink and in the process increase your google ranking!

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